Why California Flowers?

California flower growers/shippers deliver three important benefits – extensive variety, unique choices and responsibly, locally grown, premium quality flower products.

California flowers are typically fresher and arrive faster from the farms due to the excellent transportation programs offered by CalFlowers through our subsidiary, Northern California Growers & Shippers, LLC.

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Featured Flower: Sunflower

The Sunflower or Helianthus is a popular California grown flower.  They bring sunshine on a cloudy day. They are long-lasting and readily available throughout the year.  They come with traditional brown centers, clear-eyed or tinted red.  Some varieties such as "teddy bear" are shaggy around the center.  I especially like them because they are a very showy bloom and can be featured in masculine outdoorsy designs or tucked into a gardeny collection with a butterfly to create that feeling of nature. 

The sunflower represents loyalty and adoration in the language of flowers. Sunflowers turn to follow the sun  and images were used in the ancient Inca Empire.  Native Americans utilized their beauty as well as their utility.  This flower remains a popular flower to be photographed or painted and is the state flower of KANSAS.  They are a very thirsty flower and need to by hydrated daily.
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